Coaching The Whole You

The Importance of Coaching The Whole You

CoachingWholeYou2What outcome do you desire from a coaching session?

Most people think that if they are being coached by an executive coach or a leadership coach, then the focus of the coaching should be on professional related topics only. But that’s not necessarily true… focusing on “The whole you” enables you to succeed professionally and personally. Therefore you need to balance personal and professional aspects of yourself.

The whole you being present and focused…

One day I was in a coaching session with a leader, who seemed unsettled and concerned about something. I decided to introduce the “check in” process, where I start by saying  “Today, I am completely present and 100% focused.” Then I asked my client to do the same, I was told that he was only 70% present and that his mind was on something else. I asked if he wanted to talk about what was bothering him, he said “Oh no! This session is only for building my professional career. So I started to ask good, powerful questions to make him change his thinking to look at his personal life. I also told him that I am a coach for all of you and not just one part.

Although we did not get into the details of what was bothering him, he ended up being very involved and 100% present and looking forward to the next session. As a coach, I like to create an environment for the client to see possibilities, because coaching looks at the whole person and not just part of a person.

Unlocking strengths and abilities…

Although each coach has to go through the same training to understand ethics and competencies, there are so many different areas and aspects of coaching. These are the foundations of coaching and therefore we look at clients as a whole and want to help or enable them to bring up topics that will unlock strengths and abilities they may not know they had.

When you know your strengths, then you can use them to take out the obstacles stopping you from reaching your goals.

OvercomeObstacles-AgnesMwilaCoachYou can look at the obstacles or limitations in your life so you can learn from them and do something about changing or reducing them to reach your desired goals. I call the things which stand in the way of success opportunities for learning, oppotunities to help you develop some improvement guides to use when you are faced with new obstacles in the future. So bring all situations to the coaching session and the coach will help you sort them out. You will transform into a new area of possibilities and new life of success!

I believe that you will not be successful professionally before knowing who you really are and what attitudes and beliefs you have that cause you to behave the way you do. We need to start with you, and see if your behavior is holding you back from reaching your goals.

What are some of the things that stand in your way of success? When you are aware of the weaknesses and strengths, then you can use your strength to overcome your weaknesses and start to take on challenges. So please come and feel free to bring any topic and I will offer a safe place for you to be free and ready to express yourself.

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