Building A Strong Organization

The Keys To Building A Strong Organization

You can’t build a great building on a weak foundation. You must have a solid foundation if you’re going to have a strong superstructure.” – Gordon B. Hinckley

BlueprintForStrongOrganization-AgnesMwilaCoachBuilding a strong organization uses the same principles as building a strong building. The first priority should be to develop a strong foundation. Building a strong company takes a blueprint – a plan, and a strong leader who has an understanding and commitment to the company’s mission…

  • It’s purpose
  • It’s vision
  • It’s values

If your goal is to be that strong leader in your company, then it’s important for you to build a strong organizational foundation and structure using these…

Key Organizational Strategies:

  1. Align your leadership with your company’s mission statement. It is the mission statement that sets the culture and values of the organization. Whether your mission statement is “quality products delivered on time“, “no customer leaves unhappy“, “quality products for fair prices” or whatever it may be, it is your responsibility to make sure each team member understands the mission statement, commits and becomes their driving force.
  2. Be the strong leader your team needs…take responsibility, be a good listener, encourage honest feedback, promote learning and advancement, be open to suggestions and encourage collaboration, hold your team accountable, coach and mentor your team and reinforce positive behaviors and accomplishments with recognition and reward.
  3. FrustratedEmployee-AgnesMwilaCoachA leader should have open and honest communication within your team. Some of the most frustrating things for an employee is when there are issues that need to be resolved, misunderstandings that go unaddressed or confusion about directions, and the lines of communication are not open for discussion. Additionally, be sure that all of your communications with your team are honest…there is nothing harder than for an employee to have a leader they can’t trust or respect.
  4. Show the same respect for your team that you expect them to show for you…especially when it comes to matters of diversity. It’s important to remember that we are all different, we don’t have the same experiences, opportunities or adversities…we can’t expect everyone to act, respond or advance at the same level.
  5. Encourage each team member to contribute and share his/her ideas…whether their ideas are implemented or not, never put them down or discourage them, show appreciation, and continue to encourage them to contribute, which helps build their confidence and empowers them to participate, be creative, and valued as part of the team.
  6. A strong leader will set progress and completion of goals, follow up, and when necessary, get involved and offer assistance.

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